Milstead Church

You Belong Here

Creating a Community

A safe place to connect, be yourself, heal, and find fulfiullment.

No matter what another person looks like or the masks we wear, everyone is or has been a mess inside. Our church is not for people who have it all togher but for people who are honest enough to admit they cannot do this life on their own. That the attempts we have made to fix our issues have only made them worse. That we need a better support system than we have had in the past to become the person we want to be in the future. The church of Milstead Village is a place for the community to meet and help each other become the people God intended us to be.   

Divoirce Care

Surviving divorce is not an easy thing to do. In fact divorce is one of the most difficult things a man or woman will ever face. God never intended us to experience this pain. But 50% of marriages end in divorce. If you find yourself facing divorce or struggling to recover from one. We are here to help you find hope again.  

Single Mother Support

One of the consequences of divorce is that 60% of mothers are required to carry the full burden of raising children on her own. This never was God’s design but He has a plan to undo the devil’s attempt to harm you. With the support of a God focused support system He will restore your hope. 

Men Matter

Men have a God given desire to make an impact, to leave a legacy, to prove our worth to those around us. Unfortunately, we often chase hollow goals, ignoring our heart to gain a dollar. Thankfully God has a plan to fulfill both our hearts and provide for our tangible needs. Find the right path by connecting with God’s men. 

Child Development

Preparing kids for a prosperous adult life starts at a young age. Our programs teach children of all ages to overcome fear, build confidence, create solutions, find answers, discover truth, learn skills and develop mindsets that enable them to succeed in any environment they find themselves. 

Job/Skill Training

Life is always changing and success requires adapting to new opportunities. We help you learn skills that will not just help you get a job that enables les you to barely survive but help you earn enough money to thrive. God planed for you to have an abundant life and we want to help you a achieve your full potential. 

Senior Connection

Some of the major needs for senior citizens are for connection, belonging, and significance. So we open our church to you who are looking for a friend, a hobby, or to make an impact. You matter and your knowledge, wisdom, and experience are exceptionally valuable. We would love to spend time with you so please join us.  

Lets do Life together 

Some will say that one of the most valuable things we have is time. While that may be debated the memories we make together will last a lifetime and the love we find during that time can sustain us through any difficulty. 

You are not designed to do this life alone. We are created to community, relationships, which when done well create the most powerful forces on earth, Love and Hope. 

It is really the most simple parts of being human, concern for others and an expectation that great things are coming. These are the basic building blocks God has created in us and He uses these powerful driving forces to make our life flourish. 

 So let’s create those memories, build that love, and keep that hope by doing things together. 


Love is the reason for our existence.

Love is what Jesus told us is the fulfillment of all the law and all the rules of the Bible. Love is the reason Jesus was born Love is the reason Jesus took on the suffering and sacrifice of crucifixion. 

We are commanded to Love others because Love is what God feels when He thinks about you. 


In all of the things that happen and have happened Love is the core, the reason, and the objective for it all. It can be hard to see when we are so close to a struggle the we can’t see past it. That we can’t see the completing of it and the life after we concur it. 

In All that is let us accept that we are loved and God sacrificed himself to show you love. Let us get out of our comfort zone to help other people realize this Love. 


About Milstead Church

It is no accident that the thing we are commanded to do is the thing that all people crave above all else, to Love, to be loved and to love others. God is in control and his master plan is for you to feel loved. If you are able to see God’s love in the world around you, in nature, and situations you are blessed. If you can’t see love, well, that is why God gives his people the job. 

We hope to be a place, a group, a community that God shows his Love through.

We accept the role of being the hands and feet of Jesus which produce a warm, friendly, loving environment that you feel welcome and accepted in.


Let’s make something amazing together


Conyers, GA